At Delicieux Cakes, we pride ourselves that our cakes taste as good as they look. Please see our excellent Google Reviews

We use free-range eggs,  only real butter, Belgian chocolate and high-quality preserves—no added preservatives or margarine. Iced cakes are covered with high-quality white chocolate ganache and a thin layer of top-quality sugarpaste.

By default, we offer the following cake flavours, but other requests are welcome.

Vanilla Sponge

The gold standard in cake and the firm favourite. It is recommended with tangy raspberry conserve or fruity strawberry compote.

Zesty Lemon Sponge

Perfect for a summer wedding. It is refreshing and light, combined with tropical passionfruit coulis or zesty lemon curd.

Raspberry White Chocolate Sponge

Reminiscent of spring, a delicate raspberry sponge layered with raspberry conserve and white chocolate buttercream.

Bakewell Sponge

Another old favourite, almond sponge layered with vanilla buttercream,  marzipan and cherry conserve.  Drizzled with cherry liqueur syrup.

Blueberry Buttermilk Sponge

Vanilla buttermilk sponge dotted with blueberries, wonderfully layered with zesty lemon curd.

Dark Chocolate Sponge

A moist chocolate cake, delicious with raspberry conserve, citrus curd or salted caramel. Consider adding a layer of dark chocolate ganache buttercream for a more decadent cake.

Coffee Caramel Cake

The classic dessert, tiramisu, inspired this cake—a brown sugar cake layered with coffee-flavoured buttercream and caramel, drizzled with coffee syrup.

Biscoff Cake

A brown sugar cake layered with buttercream, crunchy biscoff spread and caramel.

Red Velvet Sponge

For a trendy alternative, choose this dark red chocolate sponge cake. Recommended with strawberry conserve and white chocolate ganache buttercream.

Carrot and Walnut Sponge

A rustic fruity cake. Delicious when combined with lemon curd or mandarin conserve.

Sticky Toffee Cake

Like sticky toffee pudding, a caramel date sponge layered with caramel sauce and vanilla buttercream infused with brandy syrup.

Raspberry, Pistachio and Rose Sponge

Raspberry and pistachio sponge layered with raspberry conserve and delicately flavoured rosewater buttercream.

Boozy Dark Fruit Cake

A dark, moist fruit cake with raisins, cherries, walnuts/almonds and candied orange peel. The cake is topped with brandy syrup.


For variety, try a different flavour sponge for each tier.


Allergen Information

All our cakes contain gluten, eggs and dairy products. Please note we can provide a nut-free version of our fruit cake, but all cakes might still contain traces of nuts.

Gluten and dairy-free cakes may be ordered on request. Unfortunately, we do not provide egg-free cakes at this time.

Gluten-free cakes might still contain traces of gluten since we don’t have a separate gluten-free kitchen.